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There are lots of products Walmart provide to their customer and Walmart Money Card is one of them. Here you find the information about the Walmart Money Card Activation with different methods to Activate it. You can visit the online portal at or make a call using your registered mobile number at 1-877-937-4098 or 1-888-826-4374 to Activate Walmart Money Card.

The activation process of this Walmart Money Card is very simple and easy to complete with the help of this post. Read out this whole post and get yourself knowledgeable about the process of how to activate Walmart Money Card. There are some basic requirements like card number, personal information to enter while activation process, so gets this details with you while activation process.

This post is created with easy language which every participant can easily read and follow the steps as mention to Activate your Walmart Money Card. Using this Walmart Money Card you can get lots of benefits, so if you don’t have this card then apply for it.


Activate Walmart Money Card @ 【】

This Walmart Money Card is not only limited to the Walmart, but you can also use it while traveling, ticket booking and many other places. This card gives you benefits like cash-back, bonus, discount, extra credit points, and many more.

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This Card secures your all transactions and provides more security to you. Do not share your card number or PIN with anyone, otherwise, your account will be hacked or some bad things can happen to you. If you lost your card then immediately contact the customer care and block your card first.


Walmart Money Card Activation Online @【walmartmoneycard com Activate】

In this online method, you have required a device like a computer, laptop, smartphone, etc with internet access. Follow the below mention steps and activate your card successfully.

  • Now from your card enter the Card Number, Valid month and year, and three-digit security code in the given space carefully.
  • Now after entering the information in the given space, click on the Continue button.
  • Now follow the instruction very carefully and complete the process successfully.
  • After completing the process your card will be activated. You receive a notification on your registered number about your card activation.


Walmart Money Card Activation Over Phone Call

This is the easiest method to Activate Walmart Money Card over a phone call. Using the Online method, sometimes internet connectivity issue will come, so follow this method to activate your card.

  • Using your registered mobile number call at 1-877-937-4098 or 1-888-826-4374.
  • After connecting you have to first select the language in which you want to start the activation process.
  • Now enter your Card Number and personal information carefully.
  • Follow the instruction given by the instructor very carefully and complete the process.
  • After completing the process you will receive a notification about your card activation.



Take a look at this post regarding Walmart Money Card Activation with different methods. Activate Walmart Money Card Online at or activate your card through a phone call at 1-877-937-4098 or 1-888-826-4374 with your registered number.

For any query related to this Walmart Money Card Activation give a comment below. And check out other card activation details at our website


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